Photo Pledges

Dr Zoe Williams

Sir Chris Hoy MBE

Dr Ciaran Mulholland, Queens University Belfast


Jon Snow, former Channel 4 News presenter


Professor Wendy Burn Former President RCPsych


Dr Tony Sullivan Co-Chair Keep Our NHS Public (KONP)


Victoria Macdonald Health and Social Care Editor Channel 4 News

Pledges and support from politicians

Sir Keir Starmer

Jess Phillips MP

Laura Pidcock Former Shadow Secretary of State for Employment Rights

Barry Gardiner MP Brent North

Lillian Greenwood MP Nottingham South

Alex Norris MP Nottingham North            

Luciana Berger MP Liverpool Wavertree

“I pledge to do everything I possibly can to campaign for the best mental health services for all who need it, when they need it so that no-one has to be in crisis before they get the help they need and deserve. I want parity of esteem- real equality to be the reality not just some warm, fluffy, meaningless words.”

John Mcdonell Former Shadow Chancellor

John Mcdonnell MP Shadow Chancellor
“I will work with my colleagues to ensure when Labour goes into government mental health will be a key priority.”

Rebecca Long-Bailey MP

Rebecca Long-Bailey MP
Mental Health Provision “A right, not a luxury. I pledge to end the postcode lottery of mental health provision.”

Clive Lewis MP

Clive Lewis MP
“I pledge to fight everyday for a Labour Government that will ensure we have a first class mental health service for everyone. But also a society where the relentless pressures that affect so many are reduced. There is a better way.”

                      Members of The Royal College of Psychiatrists

                          Support from Mental Health Campaigners

‘Words, promises, pledges. We’ve had them all.
Now it’s Time for Action!’

Mark and Maddy Austin
‘Young people are the future- we must look after their mental health and support them to support themselves.’
Dr Jon Goldin Great Ormond Street Hospital
‘Collaboration between patients, carers and professionals is the way to go.’
Professor Janet Treasure
‘We must listen to the sufferers and focus treatments on their needs at the time they need help. This needs more than money, it needs a change in psychiatric practice.. I pledge to work to this goal.’
Professor Hubert Lacey
‘There is no health without mental health.’ Time for equity.
Saul Levin American Psychiatric Association (APA)
Nick Hodgson RCpsych Media manager
‘I pledge to get as many brilliant, fun and engaged medical students to go into psychiatry and keep psychiatrists engaged in practice.’
Bob Batterson Past Speaker of the Assembly of the American Psychiatric Association (APA)
‘Weight and eating behaviors are important markers of emotional well-being BUT they are also highly sensitive and weight discrimination and stigma are rife. We can’t address one without addressing the other.’
Dr Dasha Nicholls Imperial College London