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Rachel Bannister BBC Breakfast Interview Tuesday 9 August Out of Area Placements

Thousands of patients forced to travel far from home for NHS mental health treatment

StopSIMMental Illness Is Not A Crime

“We are a coalition of service users and allies campaigning for the High Intensity Network’s Serenity Integrated Mentoring (SIM) model to be halted and subject to an independent review..”

Inpatient mental health wards during Covid-19 21/10/2020

Figures lay bare toll of pandemic on UK children’s mental health 21/10/2020

NHS hospital admissions for eating disorders rise among ethnic minorities   18/10/2020

Children’s mental health crisis ‘worsens’ as young people travel ‘hundreds of miles’ for care

Addiction blog BMj How one woman struggled with relapse during the global pandemic 21/04/2020

‘My daughter would be alive today if only she’d received the right care’ 25/08/2019

A mental health unit where two girls died in two months is to close 23/08/2019

Privately-run mental health units putting young people at risk 15/5/2019

PTSD affects ‘one in 13 by age of 18’ By Alex Therrien Health reporter, BBC News 22/02/2019

Mental Health Services are failing to meet rising demand, new TUC report reveals 22/10/2018

Huntercombe Mental Health Hospital closes due to staff shortages 04/02/19

“Rachel Bannister, whose daughter was treated at the centre in 2017, said she was shocked but unsurprised to hear about the closure. “I wish that Huntercombe Edinburgh was closing because the need for high level care has decreased,” she said. “Sadly, I know that this is not the case as very few services exist across the country that provide an alternative model of intensive outpatient intervention that can treat people within their own communities.”

Campaigner Rachel Bannister on Victoria Derbyshire 9/10/18

Revealed: NHS England sent 154 eating disorder patients to Scotland 16th October 2018

Channel 4 interview 10th October 2018 with Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock 

Channel 5 News 9th October 2018 The knock-on effect for mental health sufferers waiting for NHS treatment – 5 News 

Watch mental health campaigner Rachel Bannister’s live interview with Mark Austin for Sky News 8th October 2018

Shadow Health Scretary Jon Ashworth’s Speech to Labour Party Conference 

During on Jon Ashworth’s speech to Labour Party Conference 26/09/2018 he talks about our campaigner Rachel’s story. See transcript below and watch

“But there is something else we need to do.

I recently met Rachel, she told me her story of trying to get help for her anorexic daughter.

Rachel told me how her daughter was sent ‘out of area’ three times over six years to different hospitals including over 300 miles away to Scotland.

Care was always inconsistent in a mental health system fragmented, understaffed, cut back suffering from years of neglect.

It meant a vulnerable teenage girl, desperately ill, left trapped in an endless cycle of admission, relapse and discharge.

As a father of two girls, I’m not ashamed to admit that I cried listening to her story.

We can’t allow – I won’t allow – families to be let down like that.

So we will fully fund child and adolescent mental health services, we’ll invest in eating disorder services and end the injustice of children treated on adult wards or sent miles from home. As we finally deliver true parity of esteem for mental health services.

So in place of fear, we offer hope again.”

Jon Ashworth 26/09/2018

CAMHS service not ‘fit for purpose’ BBC News

Victoria Macdonald Channel 4 News More young people reporting mental health conditions

Victoria Macdonald Channel 4 News 30 May 2018 Most young people with cancer struggling with mental health

The Independent 15/09/2018 “Matt Hancock, you need to hear what happened to my daughter during a mental health crisis”

BBC News’ Mum’s ‘hell’ visiting anorexic daughter hundreds of miles away’

Nottingham Evening Post 03/02/2018 ‘Mum campaigns for better children’s mental health care after her daughter was sent for treatment hundreds of miles from home’

The Sunday Times 21/01/2018 ‘Anorexic teen wins care apology from Hunt’

The Sunday Times 21/01/2018 “Dear health secretary, what are you doing to help my daughter?”

Mother whose anorexic daughter was placed 300 miles from home writes emotional letter to Jeremy Hunt

‘Wasting Away- The Truth About Anorexia’ Channel 4 Dispatches 24/08/2017

Victoria Macdonald Channel 4 News 11 May 2017 Mental health services under strain