Helpful Resources

Welcome to our helpful ideas and resources page where you will find suggestions that may be helpful if you are struggling with your mental health.

Please get in touch with links/ideas/resources that have helped you personally and we will add to this page.

If you are struggling right now and do not feel safe please follow this link to StayingSafe where you will find ideas and support to help in a crisis.

Please also consider writing a ‘Safety Plan’. You can watch Jonny Benjamin talk through how to do this. Non of us can predict when and if we will face a crisis. It is therefore invaluable to write your own personal safety plan when you are feeling well. Why not do this today?

If you’re finding things particularly hard and are worried you are not coping the website SHOUT have got some resources that can help. “Whether you’re a student looking for support, or you’re wanting to find ways to cope with loneliness or anxiety, take a look at our resources section for support”

When we feel well both physically and mentally well it can be easy to forget to do the things that help maintain our health.

Here are some ideas from our sister charity IMARA that some of us do on a regular basis to help keep us mentally well.

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